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Prestressed Member Flexural Design Spreadsheet

prestressed member

Download this amazing prestressed member design spreadsheet for free. Just give inputs and get the flexural design outputs. Outputs are easy to understand and  interface of the spreadsheet is also user friendly. Graphical presentation of the flexural design outputs make it easier to understand. download Read More »

Retaining Wall Design Spreadsheet To ACI


A good retaining wall design spreadsheet can make the design much simpler. This is a retaining wall design spreadsheet according to ACI that is user friendly and very easy to use.  Simple interface, powerful options make it a great option for retaining wall design. You can download this spreadsheet for free from the below link. download Read More »

Base Plate Design Spreadsheet To AISC (ASD & LRFD Method)

base plate design

This is a free base plate design spreadsheet according to AISC following both ASD method and LRFD method. You will get the base plate thickness for your desired factored axial force, concrete strength, column size, base plate size etc inputs. A clear and easy to read output makes it a really great spreadsheet for base plate design. download Read More »